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Colleen Huley is a grounded actress with a background in Shakespeare based in New York. Her background in stage combat and movement work allows for her to completely transform into roles, whether it be a devoted defense attorney, grieving victim, or deranged killer. Recently, Colleen made her network TV debut in season 3 episode 5 of Law & Order: Organized Crime.

Colleen has shown off her versatility in roles such as Silvia, the ingenue in Two Gentlemen of Verona to the intelligent and spirited Portia in Julius Cesar. Other recent credits include Alice in the tragicomedy The 27 Club, Sarah the Witch in Commander Squish, Jan Davies in Bedroom Farce, Lilith in A Dangerous Descent, and Myra Arundel in Hay Fever. She is also no stranger to the big screen, with lead roles in films such as Before the Storm, portraying a wife finally getting the courage to leave her husband who has gaslighted her for years. She’s also appeared in shorts such as Over Time, where she played the unhinged Clare, swearing revenge on her coworkers after a nervous breakdown. Although Colleen is most known for her dramatic roles, she is also quite the comedian, as shown in her work in the comedic short D’Urn It as a legal assistant. Other credits include starring as the lead in The World We Build and appearing in a principal role in Johnny Appleseed on KET. In her spare time, Colleen enjoys watching her favorite fantasy TV show, The Witcher.





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