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Krystina Bailey Brawer is an award-winning actress, writer, director, producer who has consistently pushed the boundaries of her abilities, seeking both to challenge herself andexpand her range. Recently, Kyrstina has starred in television shows such Showtime’s The L

Word: Generation Q as Aya, and Jordan Peele’s futuristic Twilight Zone-esque comedy, Weird City, alongside actors such as Michael Cera and Awkwafina. She also recently starred in the CBS staple, Blue Bloods. Upcoming, she will appear in a new series with Apple TV+.

Krystina has the extraordinary ability to transform even the smallest parts into compelling and memorable portrayals, such as her role as Dinah in My Crazy Ex. She also co-starred in the cheeky 2018 comedy, All You Need is Me, where she played a journalist. These performances demonstrate Kyrstina’s approach of fully immersing herself in the world of the character, and bringing their story to life with depth and accurate complexity. Her performance in Empire Gypsy speaks to this as well, as the portrayal won her, and the rest of the cast, the Best Ensemble at the LA Indie Film Awards.

Krystina has been featured in numerous independent films, notably the short, An Online Engagement, which she both co-produced and starred in. The film won the Award of Recognition in the Accolade Global Film Competition for Best Web Tube Length Video as well as the Special Mention award for the One-Reeler Short Film Competition. In 2017, she wrote her first play, Showtime, in which she was nominated for Best Playwright for a ShortSubject in the Midtown International Theater Festival.

Krystina is the director and producer of Two Singles, the web series that is streaming on the ON! Channel. She is also the author

of the book Actors! What You Need to Know Before Moving to LA which hit #1 in the New Release category in the

Performing Arts Industry in its first week on Amazon.

Krystina trained at Manhattanville College where she double majored in theater and education. She has studied improvisation

under Hannah Fox as well as Shakespeare, Stage Acting, Voice and Speech, and Commercial Audition Technique. In her free time,

Krystina enjoys yoga, swimming, and sprinting.






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