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Sapphira Cristál is a classically trained opera singer, composer, and drag queen known for her theatrical lip sync style and six-octave vocal range. She was the runner-up and Miss Congeniality on season 16 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, where she showed her incredible versatility as a performer, including winning the first challenge with her very special rendition of O mio babbino caro.

Sapphira holds 14 pageant crowns—including Miss'd America 2020/21. She has performed nationwide, notably appearing twice at the Philadelphia Fringe Festival: first in 2019, when she sang on the same bill as Stephanie Blythe, and again in 2023, when she was featured as a headlining artist. In the drag sphere, Sapphira is renowned as a charismatic host who commands the room and establishes a special, intimate connection with her audience. Philadelphia magazine named her 2023’s Best Drag Queen Who Actually Sings.

Sapphira works to inspire young people through appearances at colleges, youth camps, and high schools. She taught several years of master classes in drag makeup and performance at Emerson College, and she has given artist talks at Rockland Community College. An experienced attitude and stage presence coach, Sapphira has also taught master classes at the Philadelphia Burlesque Academy and various dance studios.

Whenever she gets the chance, Sapphira partners with charitable organizations to raise funds to change people's lives. Her personal credo is: "There is no better exercise for the heart than reaching down to lift someone up," and she has made it her mission to uplift, encourage and inspire those around her.





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