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Du’Bois A’Keen is a proud father and husband; an accomplished choreographer, producer, author, and filmmaker; and a true renaissance spirit. He is the co-founder and creative director of A’KEEN BRAND: a modern creative agency and production company. As a Georgia native and now NYC-based artist and businessman, A’Keen started his professional career primarily touring, performing, and teaching as a dancer, singer, and choreographer. As a dancer and singer, he has performed with many notable artists and companies, including Daniel Schnyder, Karen Slack, Craig Harris, Alex Ketley, Carl Flink, and Jawole Zollar. His touring and performing career allowed him the opportunity to take some of the world’s most renowned stages, including Lincoln Center, the Apollo, the Kennedy Center, and the Ford Theater. Eventually, he began to pivot and expand his work as a branding/marketing strategist and consultant for companies like UBW Contemporary Dance Company, Vitae London, Nike, and LadyLike Fashion and Beauty Brand, and later, transitioning into the roles of choreographer, producer and director for film and television. A’Keen is also a writer, producer, and director with Untold Production. Last season, A’keen joined Dayton Performing Arts Alliance as both choreographer and assistant director for Charlie Parker’s Yardbird. [read more...]



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