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"Belén: Un Canto Sagrado a Mis Ancestros" by Johanny Navarro

El Puerto Rico is a project of the Massachusetts International Festival of the Arts (MIFA) and the Victory Players and Music Director Tianhui Ng, with support from New England Public Media.

The rhythms of the bomba, Puerto Rico’s traditional dance music, are the underpinnings of Johanny Navarro’s work Belén: Un Canto Sagrado a mis Ancestros (“A Sacred Chant to my Ancestors”). These rhythms are rooted in the African and indigenous heritage of the Caribbean. Much like a translator moves ideas from one language to another, Navarro reworks the rhythms and sounds of the bomba for the Victory Players, honoring the past and exploring new musical possibilities. Victory Players: Nathan Ben-Yehuda, piano Clare Monfredo, cello Giovanni Pérez, flute Robert Rocheteau, percussion Eric Schultz, clarinet Elly Toyoda, violin

Tianhui Ng, Artistic Director Angela Santiago, Ensemble Manager

Johanny Navarro often incorporates Afro-Carribean elements in her music. Her piece Celebration was selected by the Arts Club of Washington commemorate their 100th anniversary. In 2016, she made her debut with Symphony Orchestra of Puerto Rico. Navarro studied music at the Conservatorio de Música de Puerto Rico.


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