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Feature: ‘Stuck Elevator’ Puts a Human Face on Immigration Issues

The Nashville Opera production runs this weekend at the Noah Liff Opera Center

". . . For Julius Ahn, the award-winning tenor who originally created the role of Guang, it’s that element of humanity that makes Stuck Elevator so relatable.

Stuck Elevator is often billed as a Chinese or Asian story,” says Ahn, who most recently visited Nashville in 2012, performing in Nashville Opera’s production of Madame Butterfly. “But it’s not about any one group. It’s looking at what a lot of immigrants go through on a daily basis, so it’s actually a very American story in that way. And while the show can go to extremes creatively, it’s rooted in that truth and humanity. I think that’s what allows so many people to connect with it. And that’s really my goal. I want audiences to live through this situation with him. Don’t sit back. Don’t try to hold the story at arm’s length. Take it in, and allow yourself to be swept away by the story and the music.”

Ahn says he’s delighted to be back in Music City, calling Hoomes “an amazing director.”

“I love working with John,” Ahn says. “He’s so knowledgeable, but there’s also an incredible openness there. There are no walls with John. And as a person of color, I find that to be so wonderful. He’s always looking for ways to keep the conversation going.”" Read full article.


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