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Grimsley, Martin, and Nansteel Triumph in Atlanta Opera's 'Soaring' and 'Sumptuous' Walküre

The Ride of the Valkyries | Die Walküre, The Atlanta Opera | © Raftermen Photography

The Atlanta Opera just completed its run of the second installment in their four-season Ring Cycle. Reigning Wotan Greer Grimsley returned as the iconic ruler of the gods, and mezzo-sopranos Catherine Martin and Deborah Nansteel each took on one of his daughters, the Valkyries Waltraute and Roßweiße respectively.

The production received excellent reviews across the board, with some standout notices for these fabulous UIA artists.

"Greer Grimsley, with his sonorous bass-baritone and commanding stage presence, returns from last season’s Das Rheingold as Wotan. This production allows Grimsley to display a larger dramatic range as the tortured king of the gods."

"The eight other valkyries... were dynamite... their singing — with their inhuman cries of “Hojotoho!” — was glorious."

"American bass-baritone Greer Grimsley is the ultimate Wotan..."

"In line with director Tomer Zvulun’s penchant for balanced ensemble casts, the eight other Valkyries (Julie Adams, Yelena Dyachek, Maya Lahyani, Catherine Martin, Deborah Nansteel, Aubrey Odle, Meridian Prall, and Alexandra Razskazoff) proved a fine assemblage of voices."

"Greer Grimsley brought the weight of authority to Wotan..."

"The eight Valkyrie sisters were uniformly cast from strength, although Deborah Nansteel's arresting Roßweisse stood out. Surely she is a Fricka in the making."

Greer Grimsley as Wotan | Die Walküre, The Atlanta Opera | © Raftermen Photography


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