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Hernandez and Ferrante triumph in Chicago Opera Theater's "Elizabeth Cree"

"Baritone Levi Hernandez also was ideal as the clueless Kildare, the Scotland Yard inspector desperate to catch the serial killer so as to win himself a promotion and be hailed as a hero in London’s gutter press."

-Chicago Tribune

"The theater troupe that takes Elizabeth in when she’s orphaned was made up of a strong cadre . . . Jason Ferrante played Little Victor Farrell . . . No weak links were to be found in this clique of misfits. . . The dubiously ambitious Inspector Kildare, charged with investigating the murders in the story (of which there are many), was played by the baritone Levi Hernandez, who is also making his company debut. This was one of my favorite roles, primarily because Levi did such a fantastic job bringing it to life."

-Opera Sense

"Painted with incisive brush strokes, the other members of the theatrical troupe were superb, including David Govertsen as Uncle, Jason Ferrante as Little Victor, and Quinn Middleman as Doris. Levi Hernandez etched a nice portrait of the media-minded Kildare, the inspector investigating the murders."

-Chicago Classical Review


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