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In Review: Askren leads "revelatory reading" of Midsummer at DMMO

"Under the direction of conductor Elizabeth Askren, the orchestra beautifully plays the music of Britten and lulls the audience into a dreamlike state from the beginning of the show."

"Elizabeth Askren’s conducting captured the score’s magic"

"Elizabeth Askren conducted a revelatory reading of Britten’s multi-faceted, difficult to categorize score. From the first haunting string glissandi, Maestra Askren elicited a haunting effect that soon morphed from the ‘spiritual’ fairy realm to the ‘spirited’ human scape and beyond, to the Music Hall sensibilities of the Mechanicals. Britten was a master orchestrator, and Askren inspired virtuosic achievements from the pit, from seamless ensemble playing to exposed, characterful solos, all beautifully rendered."


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