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In Review: Faircloth and Wood illuminate Austin's "Rigoletto"

"Guest conductor Robert Wood underscored the drama and sonority of the music for Austin Opera’s latest staging, which plays through Sunday at the Long Center. For her part, stage director Tara Faircloth highlighted the concrete and specific psychologies of the characters rather than the general and pictorial elements in a story about a venal Duke of Mantua pitted against Rigoletto, his cruel and vengeful jester, and Gilda, Rigoletto’s innocent daughter and one of the Duke’s prime sexual targets."

-Austin 360

"From the moment the curtain rose I was fully entranced by every aspect of the production. Stage Director Tara Faircloth presents an extravagant work of art in every aspect, her playfulness shows in small moments that bring chuckles from the audience. Conductor Robert Wood guides Verdi's iconic music and leaves our hearts humming."


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