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In Review: Lenormand "striking" in Opéra de Lille "Coraline"

"Marie Lenormand embodies The Mother and The Other Mother, figures of power in each of the two worlds. The mezzo-soprano elaborates the two facets of her character with great skill, between a loving mother and the demonic character that constitutes her negative side, whose false devotion reveals dark intentions. Her voice extends beyond the pit with ease, whether it is soft or on the contrary full of fury (especially when it makes her husband disappear magically), alternating shadow and light which she distills the effects." -Olyrix Read full review.

"By his side, the other most striking role is that held by Marie Lenormand : we do not lose a word of what the mezzo sings, so perfect a witch is she that we look forward to the day when she will approach The Witch in Hänsel and Gretel."


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