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In Review: Ringle Kamarei "superb" in Cincinnati Opera's "Poppea"

"Some of the saltier characters have some of the best music of the evening. At the top of that list is Arnalta, Poppea’s cheeky Nurse, whose lullaby, ‘Obblivion soave’, would be welcomed by anyone at bedtime, especially as delivered by the superb mezzo-soprano Rebecca Ringle Kamarei."

-Seen and Heard International

"One of the musical highlights was the lullaby sung by Arnalta (Rebecca Ringle Kamarei)"

-Cincinnati Business Courier

"With two important contributions — one more dramatic, one chiefly vocal — Rebecca Ringle Kamarei made an outstanding impression as Arnalta, the well-filled contralto role of Poppea's confidante. Her resistance to Poppea's headstrong romantic tantrums was stoutly set forth in the first act; in the second, her performance of a tender lullaby to the high-maintenance young woman floated under expert control."

-Jay Harvey Upstage


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