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In Review: Slack "a wonder" as Tosca with Edmonton Opera

“Except that jealousy and art and passion are forever intermingled in celebrated singer Floria Tosca’s (Karen Slack) personality . . .

It’s a game between the two, an affectionate squabbling that feels like a ritual. There’s real magnetism between Slack and Pomeroy, so much so that when Scarpia finally breaks Tosca and she forlornly sings the aria Vissi d’arte, you can’t help but be drawn in, as the Jubilee audience was on Saturday night, scattered shouts of “brava” erupting after. . .

this is Floria’s gambit, and Slack is a wonder in the role. Any capsule review of her namesake opera will make it sound like a very bitter Ingmar Bergman going for broke; luckily there are many moments of humour and lightness, especially between Tosca and Cavardossi as they flirt, bicker and tenderly exchange vows of love.”

“Painter Mario Cavaradossi (David Pomeroy) and singer Floria Tosca (Karen Slack) are captivating to watch. . . Slack's Tosca is a force to be reckoned with, simultaneously portraying a woman in love and a fierce opponent to malevolent police chief, Baron Scarpia (Peter Barrett). Slack's emotive soprano voice especially shines in Tosca's soaring arias and in her heartfelt duets with Pomeroy.”

“The piece is a showcase for soprano Karen Slack who brings extraordinary vocal skills, charm, and pathos to the role.” OperaGene


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