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In Review: Terry "exceptional" in ROH "Susanna"

"Patrick Terry incarnates Joacim with a thrilling amalgam of power and sweetness.”

-The Independent

"the American countertenor Patrick Terry is a wonderful singer: his ‘On fair Euphrates’ verdant side’ was a masterclass in Handelian lyricism. He has already, as a Jette Parker member, essayed Arsace (Berenice), Artemis (Phaedra) and Serafino (The Intelligence Park); this may well be his finest moment yet. His voice is full and expressive; not to mention pliable. It is the variety of his vocal colour that impresses the most, perhaps.”

-Seen and Heard International

"countertenor Patrick Terry, who sang Susanna’s loyal though much-absent husband Joacim to the exceptional standard we’ve come to expect from him....”


"the cultivated counter-tenor tones of Patrick Terry delighted us as Joacim.”

-The Telegraph

"Fast-emerging US counter-tenor Patrick Terry is both a 2019 winner at the festival's annual Handel Singing Competition and a rising star in the Royal Opera House's Jette Parker scheme. In a staged version of Handel's 1749 oratorio Susanna, opening the festival at the Royal Opera House and wearing both his HSC and Jette Parker hats, he once more dazzles an audience in the Linbury Theatre. Terry's is an outstanding talent, and he is a singer to catch whenever you can. His soaring line, warm tone, artistic phrasing and generosity to fellow singers are equally impressive.” -Culture Whisper

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