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In Review: Vickers in the Naxos release of Risurrezione with Maggio Musicale Fiorentino

“Prince Dimitri, is played by tenor Matthew Vickers, who can portray both youthful, ardent love in Act I and genuine remorse by the end of Act III. Here is a formerly callow lover who really wants to make it up to her. Vickers, a tall, strapping man, is even able to sing the climax of the Act I duet while carrying Duprels in his arms.” -Opera News “Matthew Vickers certainly manages to hold up his end of the dramatic situation, and his plangent voice is a real asset in his extended remorse in the final two Acts; the character is, and should be, much more than a simple heartless seducer or a thoughtless adventurer like Pinkerton… She is well matched with Matthew Vickers’ Dimitri: there is something innately warm and tender in his singing and he conveys, at every stage, the essential niceness of the character, which is essential to Alfano’s conception, though not to Tolstoy’s. These two characters so dominate the opera that the rest of the cast are effectively all supporting roles” -MusicWeb International

“Matthew Vickers displays a bright lyric tenor as Dimitri” -Limelight Magazine

“This 2020 Florence, Italy, production is kept aloft by Rosetta Cucchi’s spry direction, the excellent leads—soprano Anne Sophie Duprels as the heroine Katyusha and Matthew Vickers as her love Dmitri” -The Flip Side

“the excellent tenor Matthew Vickers as a perfect acting and singing partner. With hardly a moment in which he is not partnering Duprels in extended duets, Vickers still shines vocally with a lovely lyric voice that can deliver heft when heft is needed. And he is an honest actor, utterly convincing as Prince Dimitri Ivanovich Nehlyudov.” -Raphael’s Music Notes


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