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In Review: Wolverton, Abreu, and Outlaw impress in Mill City's "Così fan tutte"

"Soprano Karin Wolverton dazzled in Minnesota Opera’s “Silent Night” and shines as Fiordiligi. . . Baritone Sidney Outlaw and tenor Javier Abreu ham it up as Guglielmo and Ferrando. They’re never evil, just young and kind of dumb, led around and misled by Don Alfonso. They sing beautifully, too. All the singers in this production do."


"Soprano Karin Wolverton and mezzo-soprano Sarah Larsen made a strong impression as Fiordiligi and Dorabella, deftly balancing the occasional frivolity of the characters with their deeper emotional complexities. Manich’s astute take on “Così’s” characters extended to Ferrando (Javier Abreu) and Guglielmo (Sidney Outlaw), who emerged as desperately immature and short of life experience, not deliberately cruel and unlikable."

-Star Tribune

"And how splendidly sung that music is in Mill City’s production. I’ve been experiencing soprano Karin Wolverton’s artistry in productions for years, and I’ve never heard her sound better than in her portrayal of the older sister, Fiordiligi. As their fiances, both Javier Abreu and Sidney Outlaw sink their ample talents into some sweet, sadly wistful solos and enjoyable comedy. (The disguised Outlaw’s moustache wouldn’t stay put in the high humidity and he actually made it work to comic effect.)"

-Twin Cities


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