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Marino, Thelwell, Potter, and Zacher Shine in A Midsummer Night's Dream

OperaWire recently reviewed The Atlanta Opera's innovative new production of Britten's A Midsummer Night's Dream, featuring four extraordinary UIA artists.

Mezzo-soprano Rehanna Thelwell exuded rich, warm voice both singing and speaking, radiating like the queen of the universe in that blue gown. She nailed all of Hippolyta’s zingers—“I am weary of this moon”—speaking to the fatigue audience might experience as “Pyramus and Thisby” elapses. But as the metadrama closes, when Hippolyta beseeches “no epilogue, I pray you,” she satirizes Britten himself, inasmuch as “Pyramus and Thisby” functions as epilogue to the “Midsummer” story.

Meg Marino embodied the spoken role of Puck with appropriate impishness and body language à la Peter Pan...

Bottom and Flute enjoyed the aid of a straight man, basso profundo Andrew Potter, who provided a steady floor for the group in ensemble. (far right below)

Rounding out the sextet of goofuses... Jason Zacher’s Snug added comedic moments... (second from right above)


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