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Whitney lends his "romantic lyrical tenor" to Knoxville Roméo

"Thankfully, Whitney was a perfect match for Piao, not only as the quintessentially handsome lover, but also as an equal vocal and dramatic partner in the pair’s love duets. His romantic lyrical tenor was conspicuously smooth, but passionate, filled with warmth in his mid-range and an unprepossessing clarity in the upper. Like Piao, Whitney’s physical movement bubbled with vitality, yet with a stage presence that seemed natural and unforced."

-Arts Knoxville

"Mackenzie Whitney and Yulan Piao, playing Romeo and Juliet respectively, were stars of the show in more than name. While some opera singers are content to neglect acting in favor of better singer, Whitney and Piao are the rare pair that understand how to do both."

-UT Daily Beacon


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