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Latini brings "jaw-dropping vocals" to Calgary "La bohème"

"Marcello’s love interest was Joanna Latini, the production’s Musetta. With a voice as strong as Mimi’s, but perhaps with a more innate dramatic quality, she delivered all the was needed in the famous Waltz Song in the Cafe Momus act, her infuriating actions (at least to Marcello) filled with comedy and impressive wilfulness—Musetta’s underlying quality. Latini made a strong impression and earned her full share of applause at the end."

-Calgary Herald

"Joanna Latini’s sweeping entrance as Musetta is worthy of any stage diva, complete with jaw-dropping vocals. She sizzles with one of the production’s show-stopping numbers, nd in the opera’s conclusion, Latini succeeds in offering a Musetta who is capable of seeing beyond the superficial, especially when her friend is in need."



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