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Melissa Zgouridi brings "sublime, sparkling bronze singing" to Erda and Floßhilde in Versailles

“Finally, one can't help but understand Wotan […] yielding to the sublime, sparkling bronze singing of Melissa Zgouridi's Erda, an ideally Wagnerian young mezzo, who passionately binds us to her every word ("I know all that was, all that will be"). Coming from the Urwala and messenger of Eternity, her mysterious warning has the superior accentuations of the great tragediennes of the past.” - CHRISTINE DUCQ | FORUMOPERA.COM “Finally, Flosshilde by Melissa Zgouridi -who is also performing Erda this evening-, with a broad, velvety and powerful timbre, stands out particularly for the clarity of her vowels as well as the length of her sentences. In the final scene, the lyricism of her range, as well as the constancy of her projection and the intensity of her vibrato in the treble are particularly noticeable." - AXEL DRIFFORT | OLYRIX.COM “...Melissa Zgouridi, [a] powerful American-Chinese-Brazilian mezzo-soprano [who sang] Erda and Floßhilde…her interventions, tinted with amber colors and projected with fullness, made a strong impression.” - ERIC GIBERT | ODB OPERA Melissa enchanting Erda.” - REMY LOUIS | DIAPASON


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