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Jeremiah Miller’s work can be seen from coast to coast on hit network and cable tv shows. He’s played a recurring character in the hit Shondra Rhimes show Grey’s Anatomy as surgical intern Cecil Taylor. Jeremiah’s co-starred in the gritty period piece Perry Mason and the nostalgic show, The Goldbergs. He’s also starred in multiple feature films including Ryan in A Burglary, Winston in Words of Winston, John in What is Love, Dylan in Beautiful Blue, and Chemical Cut.

Jeremiah has a knack for being on-screen, but he also has an impressive background behind the screen- in a voice-over booth! He’s lent his voice to animated projects such as Badanamu Stories and Badanamu Story Time as Daddy Penguin. Not only is Jeremiah an incredible actor, but he is also a skilled writer. He starred in his own web series Jeremiah Can’t Close, a witty comedy about his character Jeremiah trying to find love.





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