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An African American Requiem

Music by: Damien Geter

Piano arrangement by: David Isaac

Duration: 90 mins

Originally Commissioned by Resonance Ensemble 2020 Performed by Fort Worth Opera 2023


An African American Requiem is a twenty-movement work based on the traditional Latin requiem liturgy infusing spirituals and modern declarations relating to racial violence against African Americans, as well as a setting of Ida B. Wells’s speech Lynching is Color Line Murder.



SATB Choir

SATB Quartet



2 Flute


2 Clarinet

2 Bassoon


4 Horn

English Horn

4 Trumpet

2 Trombone

Bass Trombone

2 Violin

Viola Violoncello Tuba



Project Statement

Originally premiered by the Resonance Ensemble and Oregon Symphony, and is the first Requiem to honor African Americans who have lost their lives due to racial violence. Mr. Geter has integrated the traditional Latin Requiem with contemporary text, such as Ida B. Wells speech from 1909, Lynching is Color Line Murder, civil rights declarations, poetry, and the famous last words of Eric Garner and now George Floyd, “I can’t breathe”. The music is infused with elements of jazz, gospel, and spirituals.



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