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Bix brings his "brilliantine tenor" to DMMO "Wozzeck"

“Corey Bix sang the role of the Captain, Wozzeck’s corpulent superior who constantly berates him. Bix’s tenor voice soared through Berg’s complex score, traversing an insanely wide vocal range as he jumped from dark low tones to brassy high notes. His performance of the Captain came off as a familiar villain (aka the kind that doesn’t even realize that he is the bad guy). The Captain is too self-absorbed to even comprehend how poorly he treats Wozzeck, and Bix conveyed that narcissism with the perfect touch of malevolent humor.” -Schmopera

“Corey Bix put his stentorian tenor to good use as an abusive, bloated Captain. When his assured eruptions weren’t laced with venom, Mr. Bix skillfully found a way to make them drip with irony. His sturdy instrument had tightly focused presence in all registers.” -Opera Today

“Bix’s brilliantine tenor is on full display, as is his enormous (prosthetic) belly: He is his company’s smug, well-fed officer-bureaucrat.” -Kansas City Independent


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