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Daniel Sumegi lends "commanding bass" to Opera Australia "Lohengrin"

"Commanding bass Daniel Sumegi creates an imposing presence as King Heinrich, all the while colouring his vocal performance with seeds of doubt in the monarch’s rule as the King wavers in his investigation of the disappearance of the young Duke. "

- Simon Parris, Man in Chair

"Supporting roles are filled equally as outstandingly, with large, authoritative bass Daniel Sumegi in a balancing act of diplomacy and command as King Heinrich"

- Australian Arts Review

"Daniel Sumegi mostly seems to stand around looking noble as King Heinrich, but he matched it with noble singing"


"Daniel Sumegi exuded nobility as King Heinrich"

- BackTrack

"Sumegi – Opera Australia’s Wotan in next year’s Ring in Brisbane – brought his usual presence and volume to the king’s role, with its testing high passages."

- Australian Book Review

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