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Gartland lends a "voice of true beauty" to Pittsburgh Opera "Rusalka"

"The “bubble” in question, Rusalka, is portrayed by soprano Sara Gartland in a strong Pittsburgh debut. Her “Song to the Moon,” the opera’s most famous tune, is fulsome, lyrical and tender... Gartland, a native of St. Paul, Minn., was an impressive replacement as the original singer had to withdraw for personal reasons."

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"Sara Gartland was not the soprano long advertised to sing the title role, but she was not, by any stretch of the imagination, a “substitute.” She gives Rusalka an interpretation that makes one think that she was born to sing the part. Ms. Gartland is gifted with a soprano voice of true beauty, and she has that gift completely at her command. A finely honed technique, seamless phrasing, the ability to float the softest pianissimo and hit the highest notes in the score – she has them all, in musical abundance. She also acts very well, and looks like a movie star. This production marks her Pittsburgh Opera debut, and we can only hope that she’ll come this way again."

onStage Pittsburgh

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