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Gartland lends her "radiant, full-bodied soprano" to DMMO's "The Queen of Spades"

"DMMO has hitched its wagon to the sublime talents of soprano Sara Gartland and the annual outcome could not be happier.

Having been heard at Des Moines in past seasons as a compelling Jenufa, ravishing Rusalka, and highly affecting Marie in 2019’s Wozzeck, Ms. Gartland proved once again to be a perfect fit for the role at hand, the torn, lovelorn, and fatally frustrated Lisa. Her radiant, full-bodied soprano was made for the passionate outbursts required by the tortured heroine, and she gave such consistent pleasure that one only wished Tchaikovsky had given her more to sing."

"Sara Gartland graced the stage in the role of Lisa, the Countess’s granddaughter and Gherman’s beloved. Gartland sang with passion and finesse, displaying Lisa’s progression from innocent infatuation to desperate obsession. . . Gartland’s vocal delivery in Lisa’s tragic third act aria was heartbreaking and beautiful"

"We are also treated to another outstanding performance by Sarah Gartland as Lisa. Her powerful voice takes the audience on a poetic journey through both of her ariosi. Her performance leads to one of the most poetic deaths I've ever seen staged, which relied heavily on the actress's capability to tell this character's story."


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