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Hansel and Gretel

Director: Fenlon Lamb

Music: Engelbert Humperdinck

Libretto: Adelheid Wetter

Original Production

November 2017-UMKC Conservatory of Music & Dance

Additional Production dates

July 2018-Bar Harbor Music Festival

December 2018-Palm Beach Opera

October 2021-Amarillo Opera



Jefferson Ridenour - Scenic Designer

Maureen Thomas - Costume Designer

Kris Kirkwood - Projection Designer

Brian B Moore - Lighting Designer


David Stern - Conductor

Maria Vasilevskaya - Hänsel

Patricia Westley - Gretel

Cara Collins - Mother/Witch

Ted Allen Pickle - Father

Emily Blair - Sandman

Emily Helenbrook - Dew Fairy


Director's Note

This production is brought to you by the mother of invention, AKA necessity, by way of

some child’s play, inventive imaginings and a whole lot of collaboration. When

presented with the challenge of creating a season without full theater department

support and some belt-tightening in the land of budgets, I was overwhelmed with the

prospect. After much thought and several creative conversations with my artistic partner

and set designer, Jefferson Ridenour, the opportunities became clear. A traditional

production with the twist of every element in paper was our answer; sets, costumes,

props ALL built with this quirky and imaginative medium to simplify installation and cut

material costs. 


No matter the limitations, I wanted to be certain to maintain the epic atmosphere

of opera. Finding the intimacy that exists in a familiar material such as paper was an

exciting counterpoint. Papermoon’s designers have embraced this concept and created

an incredible world within which our singers can play and discover their characters. As

we’ve all explored this seemingly flat world, the dimensionality of the human

experience and the differing textures of shared memories have continued to come to

light. The idea that simple child’s play is the gateway to learning more about ourselves.

Delving into complexities of emotion and expression, coupled with an immense amount

of inspired and collaborative ideas from costume, lighting and projection designers

have made this project less of a challenge and more joy-filled than I thought possible.


We invite you to come play with us and discover those depths of human nature, both

sweet and sour, that are buried deep within this familiar fairy tale. Wander through the

paper woods to take a closer look at the magic we create every day, and the way opera

touches our hearts and frees our minds. Let yourself play, create, imagine and indulge

in this production. Enjoy your time in the hallowed halls of the theater and be swept

away into that child-like place where wonder and imagination create an escape from the

weary world.




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