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Havey directs a "deeply touching" "As One" at The Atlanta Opera

"Stephanie Havey’s stage direction accompanied by Emma Antenen’s set design, and Erik Teague’s costume design simultaneously unified the production.

Havey’s staging truly captured the intimacy of the text. In the program notes, Havey credits historian Tony Butler’s concept of “memoryscapes” and the creation of “living map,” which is depicted in her stage direction. The execution of this concept with the visuals allowed for an intermingling of Hannah’s memories, thoughts, and reflections to be easily understood and performed.

Havey’s directorial choices were accentuated by the set design and costuming which meshed together through color and textures. The stage and props being completely white amplified the soft colors worn by the performers, and left no room for distractions from Hannah’s story. . . There was nothing in this production that did not leave me in awe. Every part of it was well-prepared, thoughtful, and deeply touching." OperaWire "As One is directed by Stephanie Havey, who makes the most of every minute. . . The set is pretty bare save for a bicycle, chest and some boxes. Havey makes potent use of light boxes and lanterns that symbolize Hannah’s memories. The use of projections, courtesy of projections co-designers Nicholas Hussong and Nicholas Chimienti, also works."



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