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In his house debut, "fantastic singer-actor" Seth Carico excels in Staatstheater Hannover

"Actually, the opera should not be called Tosca, but Scarpia. Scarpia becomes the main character in this production, not only due to the the direction, but also due to the singer-actor in the role. Seth Carico is such a fantastic singer-actor that you might momentarily forget you're in the opera. With his vocal, highly-cultured and fantastically well-timbered baritone, he expressively differentiated, while never pretentious, the multi-faceted sides of the perpetrator and victim Scarpia and makes the regal interpretation of this person intensely tangible. A terrific house and role debut!"

-Online Musik Magazin (Translated from German)

"Since the role of Scarpia is put so much in the spotlight by the director, much attention is focused on him. Seth Carico was able to fully identify with his role debut with the direction concept; his baritone is technically quite sound and he asserted himself in the dramatically charged scenes."

-Online Merker (Translated from German)

"Not only first-class voices, but also actors are needed for such a complex staging. Particularly noteworthy here is Seth Carico, who played the Scarpia with touching vulnerability. Here no usual over-wrought villain is shown, but a person who is himself a victim. This fits his rather bright vocal color, which is not abysmally dark. It's a different Scarpia than usual. Seth Carico convinced me across the board with his singing and his interpretation."

-GFO Hannover (Translated from German)


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