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In Review: Alvarez as "Aida" gives "breathtaking lyricism"

"L’interprétation très exigeante de la partition acrobatique d’Aïda a été mise en vedette par Elaine Alvarez, pleinement engagée, qui a incarné les complexités théâtrales du personnage principal avec un équilibre dramatique et un lyrisme époustouflants.“/ "The very demanding interpretation of AIDA's acrobatic score was featured by fully engaged Elaine Alvarez, who embodied the theatrical complexities of the main character with a dramatic balance and breathtaking lyricism." -Olyrix

"The Cuban American soprano Elaine Alvarez portrays the heartrending, suffering Ethiopian king's daughter Aida, who is torn between her love for her fatherland and her love for the enemy Radamès. As Aida must also be the servant of Amneris, who also loves and desires Radamès, she is fatal. It is an impossible love, a silent suffering of fate, which Verdi demands from his Aida with enormous emotional outbursts. Alvarez is vocally convincing, even in the high register." - Barbara Röder, Read full review.

"“… the cast offers an excellent level and tries with great courage to recreate the splendor of Verdi’s grand opera, starting with Elaine Alvarez in the title role, who had already delighted us like crazy in Ernani in 2015, and then in Jerusalem (also by Verdi) in 2017. If the width of the voice forces us to mourn the possibility for thinly spinning sounds in the Aria of the Nile, one can only admire the way in which the Cuban-American soprano faces all the obstacles of the spinto soprano range that this part calls for (and which she possesses!), also bearing a deep low register and a fleshy middle: without ever forcing her means, she draws a passionate Aida and moves us deeply in her great aria of the third act, as well as in her farewell to life.” - Opera Online


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