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In Review: Apostolou and Wood in the world premiere of "Florida" at UrbanArias

‘“Florida” certainly had strong moments, not least Florida herself: Sharin Apostolou was terrific playing a curious, vibrant teenager with a vivid and seemingly tireless soprano voice. . . Eng’s lyrical and often dramatic music, energetically led by UrbanArias’s founder, Robert Wood”

-Anne Midgette, Washington Post

"In “There’s a Scream Inside Me” Apostolou beautifully shifts between the confusion, curiosity, and outright hunger battling within Florida and sets the stage for a musically flawless performance the entire evening. . . This constant flow of movement was highlighted by Abigail Hoke-Brady’s dramatic lighting design and the fantastic Inscape Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Robert Wood.”

-DC Metro Theater Arts


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