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In Review: Askren lends "spirit and elegance" to "La scala di seta" at the Paris Academie

"Under the spirited direction of Elizabeth Askren, the resident musicians at the Académie de l'Opéra de Paris and those of the Orchester-atelier Ostinato delivered with palpable happiness the adaptation made by Jean-Francois Verdier for the miniature pit of the Athenaeum." (translated from French) - Le Monde

"This team ... benefits from the fine and attentive direction of Elizabeth Askren, present on each line, each silence. . Not as a chef but as a benevolent godmother, concerned about the artistic development of her young godchildren." (translated from French)

-La Croix "For this weekend again, we can also point out at the Athénée, with the artists and musicians in residence at the Académie de l'Opéra, the performance of the Scala di seta .... It is also a success, joyful." (translated from French) - L'Humanité: Culture et savoirs "Elizabeth Askren directs the musicians (in residence at the Académie de l'Opéra or from the Orchester-atelier Ostinato) with the blend of spirit and elegance befitting Rossini. So much so that at the end of an hour and a half of show, this Ladder of silk has no difficulty in hoisting us on a small cloud." (translated from French) - Diapason "The conductor keeps it all together and breathes into it the energy necessary to ignite the fearsome mechanics dear to the swan of Pesaro. We wish young artists (but also the Opera and the public) many shows like this, a real musical and theatrical achievement." (translated from French) - Avant Scène Opera

"Elizabeth Askren conducts an orchestra reduced to the strict minimum (composed of musicians from the Orchester-Atelier Ostinato and others in residence at the Académie de l'Opéra) but which she animates with an energetic gesture while being particularly attentive to the singers so that they can give the best of themselves. ...The audience warmly applauds a quality show..." (translated from French) - Olyrix "Elizabeth Askren knows how to animate the bouncy Rossinian grace of her lean and chamber music direction, with a lot of spirit." (translated from French) - "Because everything is play, movement, bodily energy in this show overflowing with imagination and admirably regulated (even the decor, devilishly clever, becomes an actor at times!) that the nimble and smiling direction of Elisabeth Askren makes even more effective." (translated from French) - "La scala di seta (L'Echelle de sole) is a little-programmed work which we had applauded at the Royal Opera of Wallonia-Liege in 2016 - now in a scenic and musical finery of a frank success, at the Athénée Théâtre Louis - Jouvet. ... With instrumentalists from the Opera's Academy and the Ostinato orchestra-workshop gathered in the pit, conductor Elizabeth Askren knows how to preserve the Rossinian flow over time. The harmonic advancement is built at a cat's pace, in equal proportion to amorous strategies, then quickly finds a clockwork pendulum by the ticking of the modulations." (translated from French) - "The direction of the conductor Élisabeth Askren is playful and joyful. Especially in the opening where she introduces each solo instrument with clarity. Her dynamic direction ... does not mean that she forgets the dramatic tension that reigns on these young lovers." (translated from French) - "We will not forget the incredible orchestra that opening night, which was led with an iron fist by New Yorker Elizabeth Askren. ... To sum up, tonight we attended a modern and funny comic opera where the new generation of lyrical singers had a blast, and so did we. An hour and a half of high-dose humor where their communicative joy made our hearts capsize." (translated from French) - Classiquemaispashasbeen


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