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In Review: Boehler as Osmin in Lyric Opera of Kansas City "Abduction"

Updated: May 9

"Osmin, the buffoonish micromanager of the nightclub, is well cast in the towering figure of bass Matt Boehler, who transmitted the frothing insecurity of a man driven by jealousies and a yearning for authority. Though he bullies everyone, he saves a bulk of that ire for the happy-go-lucky Pedrillo, whose casual ease is a threat. . . Playing off each other, Boehler and Leppek carry most of the comedy.

-KC Studio

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"The crime boss "Pasha" Selim (Matthew J Williamson) keeps them under lock and key, hoping to win Konstanze's heart while his loyal (and overenthusiastically vicious guard) Osmin (Matt Boehler, bass) keeps his eye on prisoners and would-be rescuer alike, all too eager to spring into action should any put a foot wrong."

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