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In Review: Laura Claycomb and Daniel Belcher in the world premiere of “The Scarlet Letter”

“Soprano Laura Claycomb exudes both passion and pride in her portrayal of Hester Prynne, an archetypal character whose punishment for adultery gives the story its title. Claycomb effortlessly negotiates the coloratura lines Laitman constructed for her and makes clear distinctions between her public and private interactions, particularly those with Hester’s concealed lover, Reverend Arthur Dimmesdale. . . Tenor Kyle Erdos Knapp and baritone Daniel Belcher (a beloved fixture at Opera Colorado) are excellent as representatives of the (literally) puritanical, judgmental community.” -Daily Camer

“Opposing that coolness is the go-for-broke singing of Laura Claycomb, Dominic Armstrong, Malcolm MacKenzie and Margaret Gawrysiak in the featured roles. These singers were cast for their ability to deliver the kind of melodic drama Laitman constructs and there’s no holding them back.” The Denver Post

“Highlights are Claycomb singing a lovely aria to her infant, her coloratura voice hitting high notes flawlessly: “I’ll earn our bread by handiwork, my skilled embroidery, and you shall grow, the daughter of a love kept secretly. Nothing will come to harm you, Pearl, as long as I’m alive. May you live long and thrive.” Herein lies Prynne’s strength and courage.” -The Examiner


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