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In Review: Martin, Slack, and Carico in Minnesota Opera's "Dead Man Walking"

". . . It’s clearly a difficult score to sing, which makes this production’s performances all the more impressive. Catherine Martin has a clear, powerful mezzo-soprano voice and offered a disarmingly natural characterization as Sister Helen. . . But the standout performance is that of bass-baritone Seth Carico as the condemned man, Joseph De Rocher. This might be the most physically and emotionally demanding role that I’ve ever encountered in an opera, and Carico’s commitment to the character is awe-inspiring. He basically takes the opera upon his shoulders for the harrowing final half-hour and makes it an experience of profound sadness."

"It's hard to imagine a stronger or more dramatically apt cast. A resonant baritone, Seth Carico made Joe a fierce, gritty, ultimately vulnerable and frightened character. Carico's "Warm Night" aria hit just the right tone of sensuality. Catherine Martin's Sister Helen displays a similar kaleidoscope of emotions in a thoroughly convincing and beautifully sung performance.They make it clear that a kind of love develops between their characters, and their love is the spine of the story. . . There were moments of truly

impressive singing on opening night from Karen Slack (Sister Rose)" -Minneapolis Star Tribune

"In a superb and soulful lead portrayal as the Roman Catholic nun who became a symbol for the movement against capital punishment, mezzo-soprano Catherine Martin reaches deep within to find the inner space where one must enter to forgive the unforgivable. She is also the audience’s mystic guide. . . Seth Carico is a veritable earthquake in human form in his portrayal of the obsinate Joseph. This is an unhinged man steeped in denial, who resists and writhes against any acknowledgement of his diabolical deed. Carico renders one of the most visceral performances you will ever seen in an opera. He might put you on the edge of your seat. . . Karen Slack is wondrously endearing as Sister Helen’s supportive friend, Sister Rose." - Lavender Magazine


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