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In Review: Ollarsaba, Barron, and Whyte in Opera Hong Kong's "Don Giovanni"

"The evening’s Don Giovanni was Mexican-American Richard Ollarsaba who brought an Iberian flavor to what is, after all, a Spanish part, more a Don Juan than a Don Giovanni. His was a brooding, if mellifluous, presence. He was well-paired with the energetic and comedic Joseph Barron as Leporello. . . Katherine Whyte’s Donna Anna was heartfelt and believable." -ASIAN REVIEW OF BOOKS

"Richard Ollarsaba as the decadent don and Joseph Barron as his wing man excelled . . .

Carrying the bulk of the “buddy story” were Richard Ollarsaba as Giovanni and Joseph Barron as Leporello, the not-so-nobleman and his full-time wing man, both of whom conveyed moments of dark humour with dark vocal timbres rich in narrative nuance. Despite his charisma, Giovanni didn’t seem to be having much fun; Leporello followed his master’s every move with a distinctive mix of disgust and envy." -SOUTH CHINA MORNING POST

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