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In Review: Slack "shines" in "Fire Shut Up In My Bones" at Opera Theatre of St. Louis

"Billie, the hardscrabble mother (the feisty, rich-voiced soprano Karen Slack), works in a chicken factory to keep her family fed and as stable as possible." -The New York Times

"The gifted soprano Julia Bullock shines in her role...So does dark-voiced soprano Karen Slack as Billie, a strong woman who finally manages to tell her youngest son that she loves him" - Saint Louis Today

"powerhouse Karen Slack"

“The third spectacular voice we hear is that of Karen Slack as Charles's mother Billie. Her participation in the wonderful shouting gospel scene is a high-point of the evening.”

-Broadway World

"Bass-baritone Davóne Tines and soprano Karen Slack supply rich tones and ardent personifications as Charles and Billie." -The Dallas Morning News

“Karen Slack, as Billie, Charles’ mother, gives us a beautifully drawn, very human wife and mother whose hands are full with her rat of a husband and five little boys. Her voice is warm and full and extremely satisfying.” -St. Louis Eats & Drinks


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