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In Review: Zeniodi garners acclaim at Festival de Bogota

“The Greek conductor Zoe Zeniodi does not resemble Emmanuele Haim, so we get a different repertoire for her younger age. But, like Haim, Zoe deserves to be called Mrs. Dynamite. Her energy, her obvious ability to lead (this, in an almost military capacity that defines conductors, as well as her physicality), her mature ideas shone in both concerts that we attended. . . Her Schumann’s 4th with the splendid Bogota Philharmonic was more than praiseworthy; the contrast between the thickness of the third movement and the vigor of the finale were a testament to the symphonic mind of this artist whose present is brilliant and whose future appears to be more than promising. In this same concert, Zeniodi and the orchestra accompanied none other than Stephen Hough in Brahms’ Second Piano concerto.”


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