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Johanny Navarro: Puerto Rican inspiration in the classical world

(translated from Spanish)

What force is more powerful than love?" (Igor Stravinsky)

By Alina Marrero For the National Foundation for Popular Culture

Talking about a classical music composer is not an ordinary thing. If we do a memory exercise, we may not even remember any of the past among the artists who made a difference. However, there were, many, and very good. The truth is that women in the field of art, even in the 21st century, are fighting to prevail in a world where men are still more trusted. We know that there were women composers (Leonor of Aquitaine (S 12), Francesca Caccini (S 16), Clara Josephine Wieck de Schumann (S 19), Teresa Carreño (S 19 and 20) and Berthe di Vito Delvaux (20 and 21 century) , to mention only five) in many countries, in past and contemporary times. Juana Inés de la Cruz, for example, in 17th century Mexico, composed music, and we know, thanks to researchers like Guillermo Schmithubber de la Mora, how she was treated Talking about Juana Inés de la Cruz as a composer, even today, is extraordinary. How much more extraordinary it is to talk about a Puerto Rican classical music composer. However, right now, there is a lot of talk about the young Puerto Rican Johanny Navarro. Her works of contemporary classical music have been premiered in and outside of Puerto Rico with success and critical acclaim.

Let's go to the most recent. His opera “Frenesí”, produced by Teatro de la Ópera under the baton of Roselyn Pabón, was presented on May 25 at the Ballajá Barracks to the insistent applause of more than a thousand people. After arriving from the United States for her participation in the activity "Women in Puerto Rico during the First World War", musical presentation and dialogue, on June 7 at the Lovinger Theater of Lehman College in New York, she will leave in a few days to Torre del Lago, Toscano, Italy, to participate in the prestigious Puccini Festival that has been held every year since 1930. Continue reading...


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