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Mayes "thrilling" in ENO "It's a Wonderful Life"

Updated: May 9

“The darker elements of the story are played down, except when Michael Mayes cuts through the sweetness as George’s nemesis, Henry F Potter.” - Financial Times

“His final confrontation with his nemesis, Michael Mayes’ callous, calculating Henry F. Potter, was thrillingly fierce and tense.”

- Opera Today

“Here, the villainous banker Henry F Potter, superbly sung by Michael Mayes, is a pantomime baddie with his Trump-tower golden doors, but today’s Potters are everywhere around us, and they are not amusing.” - Culture Whisper

“This production of It’s a Wonderful Life saw brilliant performances across the cast, with fabulous ENO debuts from Michael Mays as the evil Mr Potter (he even got boos at the Curtain Call)”

- London Unattached

“Special mention must go to American baritone Michael Mayes, who is excellent as the villain of the piece, Mr Potter. His curtain call elicits a round of boos before the audience bursts into applause”

- Opera For All

“...Michael Mayes (Potter) slithered menacingly over some of the more sharply characterised vocal writing.”

- The Spectator

“It is crucial to the balance of the piece that there be a convincing, sinister villain, and baritone Michael Mayes delivers this in spades as Mr Potter.”

- Plays To See

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