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Mayes "thrilling" in ENO "It's a Wonderful Life"

“The darker elements of the story are played down, except when Michael Mayes cuts through the sweetness as George’s nemesis, Henry F Potter.” - Financial Times

“His final confrontation with his nemesis, Michael Mayes’ callous, calculating Henry F. Potter, was thrillingly fierce and tense.”

“Here, the villainous banker Henry F Potter, superbly sung by Michael Mayes, is a pantomime baddie with his Trump-tower golden doors, but today’s Potters are everywhere around us, and they are not amusing.” - Culture Whisper

“This production of It’s a Wonderful Life saw brilliant performances across the cast, with fabulous ENO debuts from Michael Mays as the evil Mr Potter (he even got boos at the Curtain Call)”

“Special mention must go to American baritone Michael Mayes, who is excellent as the villain of the piece, Mr Potter. His curtain call elicits a round of boos before the audience bursts into applause”

“...Michael Mayes (Potter) slithered menacingly over some of the more sharply characterised vocal writing.”

“It is crucial to the balance of the piece that there be a convincing, sinister villain, and baritone Michael Mayes delivers this in spades as Mr Potter.”


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