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Megan Marino releases album "It's You I Like" with pianist John Arida on Lexicon Classics

Get the Album: It's You I Like

When John and I met as young artists in Virginia Opera’s education and outreach troupe back in January 2012, neither of us truly realized the particular brand of funky, long-lasting friendship gold we’d lucked into! Fast forward 11 years, we’re still best friends and collaborators, both successful itinerant musicians, but that has often come at the price of missing our home and families. Then the pandemic hit, putting our lives on pause and bringing all that time spent apart from loved ones into laser focus. Yearning for deeper connections and embracing the sing for fun spirit 150%, we set out to create a musical project that our entire family would enjoy, focusing first on the youngest members– no other motive but love and sharing ❤️ Meg Marino Dedications: “It’s You I Like” the song, album concept and sing for fun spirit for Meg’s first major voice teacher & mentor, the late, great Ellen Chickering; “Baby Mine” for Mike Mayes for being there for us both when it really matters; “Slow March” for our beloved family pets Vito, Pete, Ziggy, Ding, Glad & Buster Scruggs who have crossed the rainbow bridge. And BIG thank yous to: Enzo & Marcelo Marino, Roman Riesen and Lucia Benham for lending your voices to our featured “Do-Re-Mi” kids chorus; John & Jonathan for lending your big kid voices & whistling; Luis Infantas of Sam Ash Manhattan for remedying our melodica debacle; Brady Sansone of the Kurt Weill Foundation; our families (bio & found) for the inspiration, love and support to keep going and engaging in meaningful projects.


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