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Opera News on Habersham, Colaneri, Ollarsaba, Pearce, and Mayes at The Glimmerglass Festival

Opera News has turned in its report from summer 2022's festival at Glimmerglass. . .

Holy Ground

"Lyric-coloratura Jasmine Habersham did a wonderful job expressing the doubts and yearnings of Mary (candidate #490) and also encompassing her wide-ranging vocal part in lustrous, emotional tone."

Taking Up Serpents

"Michael Mayes inhabited the father's spasmodic movement and rough, ranting utterances."


"Carmen scored a definite success at the July 30 matinee. Joseph Colaneri's orchestra sailed out of the gate with an impressively arresting overture and never the pit Bizet's wondrous score got its due in a tight, detailed reading from Colaneri, who has raised the orchestral bar at Glimmerglass."

"Illness felled Ian Koziara, the scheduled Don Jose, but the cover Jose, Young Artist Matthew Pearce, performed strongly and honored Bizet's dynamic markings, supplying lovely head-voice effects in "Parle-moi de ma mere" and the flower song."

"The best French came from bass-baritone Richard Ollarsaba, who embodied and acted a totally credible Escamillo and put over the matador's rangy "Votre toast" extremely well."

Tenor Overboard

"...sang very attractively, especially in sustained rather than concerted music, as did Jasmine Habersham as Mimi, the soprano sister."


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