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Patrick Terry "excellent" in Grange Festival "Tamerlano

“Patrick Terry beautifully matched to Sophie Bevan in their moving duet”

“The evening ultimately belongs to its two countertenors… Patrick Terry’s reflective warmth and tonal beauty.” The Guardian

“Patrick Terry is excellent as the wavering Andronico.”

“sung with great brilliance by Patrick Terry.”

“Patrick Terry’s countertenor is of a softer, more reflective hue, and it’s a lovely counterpart to Pe’s shine. It’s been very satisfying to watch Terry progress during the past decade from RAM student, to Kathleen Ferrier prize winner, to Royal Opera House Jette Park Artist and now to a firm and deserved foothold in the profession. Andronico’s slow, lyrical arias of love were heart-meltingly expressive, and he tripped lightly through the roulades too”

“No less technically versatile was Patrick Terry’s obsequious Andronico, his portrayal capturing his love/duty dilemma and dispatching plaintive and explosive arias to Sophie Bevan’s limpid Asteria with equal assurance.”


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