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Rebecca Ringle Kamarei "compelling" in Alma Mahler focused concert

“From Gustav Mahler's vast song repertoire, Ms. Kamarei opened her set with the dramatic "Wenn mein Schatz Hochzeit macht"; her voice instantly captivated me with its distinctive colour-palette size, a compelling command of dynamics, and a thoughtful way with words…

The five Alma Mahler songs drew my companion and me into even higher regard for Ms. Karamei and Mr. Wagorn. She displayed the great power of her voice, then reined it in to an impressive piano with complete control... Mr. Wagorn was the ideal collaborator."

“The songs were brought to life by the elegant mezzo-soprano Rebecca Ringle Kamarei whose precision with German was that of an eingeboren. Consonants were crisp and every word was given meaning. Add to that her rich timbre, meaningful phrasing, and elegant stature. Her fine performance was accompanied by pianist Bryan Wagorn who was an equal partner throughout... These songs definitely merit further hearing.”


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