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Sanders "captivating" in DMMO "Fellow Travelers"

"One of the most captivating parts of the night came in Christian Sander's performance as Timothy Laughlin. I was excited to see him take on another role as I thoroughly enjoyed his performance as Toby in this season's SWEENEY TODD. With this role, he left his heart on the stage, not only making this an amazing performance, but one I will not soon forget."

"Tenor Christian Sanders sang the role of Timothy with an innocent vulnerability and vocal clarity. Sanders’ voice cut through the orchestra despite the venue’s acoustic issues, connecting to the audience on a visceral level. . . Sanders’ voice captured this sense of vulnerability with deceptive ease, and the fresh-faced tenor gave the most compelling dramatic performance of the evening, a feat that is all the more impressive considering this was his first time singing the role. Timothy’s aria in the church after his first night in Hawk’s arms was a tender expression of first love’s rush, and Sanders perfectly captured the beauty and tragedy of this moment."


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