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Music by: TBD

Libretto by: Jarrod Lee

Scenario: Jim Liberthal

Duration: TBD

Commision and premiere TBD


Melvin attempts suicide out of desperation and love for his deceased partner, Richie,

to the devastation of his ex-girlfriend Emily. Richie is in the Spiritual Realm with guidance from the Warrior Angel. He must intervene to save the very essence of Melvin for a chance to reunite with him in a different body in a different time.


Characters are intended to be artists of color


Richie; gender-fluid, excitable - Tenor

Melvin; bi-sexual, reserved, stable - Baritone

Emily; cis-gender woman, explosive, emotional, manipulative - Mezzo-soprano

Warrior Angel; non-gender specific, Provokes Action - Countertenor, Bass, or Soprano

Ms. or Mr. I-94; cis-gender male, gender questioning (ending gender mode is determined by the participating artist) - Mezzo-soprano or Bass-baritone

The Voice; obligato, encourages emotional and spiritual support - Countertenor or instrument

Archangels/Paramedics - 3 or 4 actors/dancers



Project Statement

A deadly crisis triggers a series of events revealing truths within a triangle of love, each with different sexual orientations, exploding into a vortex of circumstances forcing consequences that transcend time and realities.



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