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Sumegi brings his "charismatic and powerful bass-baritone" to Opera Australia "Carmen"

“...Daniel Sumegi in his aviator shades looked like he was having the time of his life putting the Elvis into Escamillo, belting Toreador Song to a moshpit of dancers and chorus members, one of whom even flung a bra at him as fireworks exploded above.” - Financial Review

“Escamillo was taken on by bass-baritone Daniel Sumegi, who appeared in garb suggesting a cross between Tom Jones and an ageing Elvis. Playing the character as a rockstar with fawning groupies, he delivered the famous Toreador Song with gusto.” - Bach Track

“Escamillo is nicely played by Daniel Sumegi, who appears on stage like a rock star (think Elvis or Tom Jones) in black jeans, satin jacket and sun shades, while the ensemble scream and throw underwear at him, with the prerequisite fireworks erupting at the end of the Toreador Song.”

“Daniel Sumegi, as the Toreador Escamillo, made a rock-star entrance amid a rapturous, bra-throwing mosh-pit frenzy, which he seemed to quite enjoy. The strongly projected dominance through the sound system took away some of his own vocal agency, but he maintained vocal warmth, and the character’s generosity of spirit permeated both voice and persona.”

“Daniel Sumegi (alternating with Alexander Sefton) as an aviator-wearing, Elvis-esque Escamillo gives the standout performance – a charismatic and powerful bass-baritone.”

“As the matador Escamillo, bass-baritone Daniel Sumegi makes a deliciously ballsy entrance in wraparound shades, glittering scarlet shirt and black caped suit, strutting like old Elvis amid hurled knickers and bras. He too sings magnificently which is extra remarkable as all the varied voices, orchestra and chorus are the overall responsibility of sound designer extraordinaire Tony David Cray" - Stage Noise

“Stealing the show was the Toreador song from Escamillo (Daniel Sumegi) dressed like John Travolta from Grease it ended with Opera Australia’s trademark outdoor climax.”


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