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Sumegi gives a "powerful" Judge Turpin with TEG Life Like Company

The Age/Sydney Morning Herald – June 21 (Cameron Woodhead)

"As Judge Turpin, Daniel Sumegi’s malevolent credentials are beyond reproach – he sang Hagen, after all, in Neil Armfield’s Ring Cycle for Opera Australia. Here his acting channels the ghost of Alan Rickman in the Tim Burton film, while the voice builds a deep and reverberant tomb of hypocrisy."

Limelight Magazine – June 14, 2019 (Jo Litson)

"Opera bass-baritone Daniel Sumegi is a powerful presence as the evil Judge and has just the right vocal heft for the role. When he and Warlow sing “Pretty Women” together it is one of the vocal highlights."

The Australian – June 17, 2019 (Deborah Jones)

"There were pleasures in Daniel Sumegi’s Judge Turpin, richly sung and played with expert understatement."

Sydney Arts Guide – June 17, 2019 (Ben Applebaum)

"Daniel Sumegi as the lecherous, vain Judge Turpin displays a gorgeously rich baritone."

Arts Hub – June 19, 2019 (Lynne Lancaster)

"Arrogant, evil Judge Turpin, who is hiding dark secrets, was excellently played by Daniel Sumegi. Turpin and Todd’s duet ‘Pretty Women’ is another highlight of the show."

Simon Parris: Man in Chair – June 21, 2019 (Simon Parris)

"Opera singer Daniel Sumegi brings a toffee-toned richness to his singing as Judge Turpin, also nailing the sneering, self-delusional smugness of the insidious man."


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