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The Anonymous Lover

Directed by: Stephanie Havey

Music by: Joseph Bologne, Chevalier de Saint Georges

Libretto by: Desfontaines-Lavallée 

Original Production

February 2024 - Madison Opera



Michelle Rofrano - Conductor

Lisa Thurrell - Choreographer

Steven C. Kemp - Set Designer

Marcella Barbeau - Lighting Designer

Karen Brown-Larimore - Hair & Costume Designer


Michelle Rofrano - Conductor

Keely Futterer - Léontine

David Blalock - Valcour

Yazid Gray - Ophémon

Hailey Cohen - Dorothée

Brianna Murray - Jeannette

William Johnson - Colin

George Abbott III, Megan Gloss, Lauren Stepka, Douglas Swenson, Ryan White, Alexandra Zulauf - Ensemble

Director's Note

The most fun thing about working on this opera is that it really is a fantasy. A real 18th century ideal. In working on this opera, we get to step right into one of the gorgeous paintings of this period (Jean-Honoré Fragonard's The Swing). It shows the idea of romantic love and the beauty of nature.

A challenging aspect on working on this opera is it has only recently been re-discovered. There aren't many traditions on how it is performed compared to other traditional operas. We have been working on new ways to interpret the French and creating new performance practices for the music.


"Director Stephanie Havey’s candy-sweet production of “The Anonymous Lover” gives the audience little to think about and much to enjoy, with a plot as heavy as cotton candy and Jolly Rancher-hued costumes to match."

"Anonymous Lover pops with color. Towering wigs on ensemble ladies in shades of blue, pink and yellow peek above that hedge. Even the Champagne flutes glow red. Steven C. Kemp designed the set as a riot of fertility, with flowers cascading over and around the stage. Lighting designer Marcella Barbeau matches Brown-Larimore’s palette, washing the stage in magenta."

-Lindsay Christians, The Cap Times

"'s light, bright, joyful and melodic..."

-Dan Koehn, Isthmus




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