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Zabala lends "marvelously" conceived Maddy to Berkshire Opera "Three Decembers"

“Mezzo-soprano Adriana Zabala embodied Madeline the glamorous diva with self-centered bravado but brought poignant vulnerability to Madeline…The closing coup de theatre fully befits a great lady of the stage, who has the surprising last word.” – In the Spotlight

“It was great opera performed at the highest level…Adriana Zabala, singing the role of Maddy, flows and rolls with the swells of the music. Her sound is full and crisp and loaded with nuance. Dewey and Zabala shared excellent chemistry and were well-cast, vocally, weaving their lines into a tapestry of argument. “The Moon Lullaby” begins with ephemeral vocalizations, lifting the audience skyward with its ghostly sound. The lullaby lasts just under two minutes and is so tenderly sung by Zabala it touched the heart and the ear…Dewey and Zabala dazzled in this hyperemotional environment, with neither holding back. They fully immersed the audience in the bitter mother/daughter spat and its devastating conclusion.” – OperaWire

“Madeline Mitchell, portrayed marvelously by mezzo Adriana Zabala, makes us almost forgive her egotism (even when her children can't), as she flounces her way through the role like the diva she's supposed to be…. Madeline has one of the best arias (songs?) in the work, beautifully and thoughtfully conceived… and was performed lovingly by mezzo Zabala.” Broadway World

“The production glows with passion for both musical and dramatic values from all concerned. It would be hard to imagine a better cast of singers, both for their vocal abilities and their acting. All three of them—Theo Hoffman (Charlie), Monica Dewey (Bea), and Adriana Zabala (Maddy)—had voices exactly matched to their characters, with clear English diction, and all three moved and reacted vividly in the emotional situations of the story.” Boston Musical Intelligencer


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